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"Presence" intertwines the transformative essence of Lucinor's "Essence" with the mystical allure of "Jaguar." This blend invites you to dwell in the sanctity of the present moment, where heightened consciousness and inner clarity converge. Feel the embrace of elevated awareness as you navigate each moment with intention and purpose. With a blend that nurtures both mind and spirit, Presence offers a sanctuary of tranquility, creativity, and emotional balance. Immerse yourself in the boundless depths of the present, where every breath becomes a sacred journey toward inner harmony and holistic well-being.


Benefits may include:

  • Heightened mental clarity and focus
  • Increased mindfulness and awareness
  • Enhanced emotional regulation and stress reduction
  • Improved concentration and cognitive function
  • Deeper connection to the present moment
  • Greater sense of calm and inner peace
  • Enhanced creativity and inspiration
  • Reduction in inflammation and physical discomfort
  • Elevated mood and overall well-being
  • Strengthened immune system function

PRESENCE Starter Kit

  • This set includes ccell battery and 1ml cartridge. Cartridge style may vary.

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