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Enter Aether, the realm between light and shadow, where seekers find solace and profound self-discovery. where burdens dissolve and insights blossom, illuminating pathways to connection.

Star Lotus 5MEODMT has little to no body load, enhanced cerebral experience and shared visuals. It is the purest form of the God molecule and is 99.9% pure and lab synthesized and tested.


Recommended Dosage: 3-4 second inhale once daily.


Benefits of sustained use of Aether may include:

1. Psycho-spiritual Insight
2. Reduced Anxiety and Depression
3. Enhanced Well-being
4. Mindfulness and Self-awareness
5. Neuroplasticity
6. Anti-Addiction Properties
7. Sleep Aid


  • This product includes 50 mg of 99.9% pure Star Lotus 5MEODMT, Lucinor carrier in a CCELL 1ml TH2 Glass Cartridge with Black Ceramic Tip

    • Borosilicate Glass Cartridge
    • Tank Volume: 0.5ml/1ml
    • Dimensions: Φ10.5 x 51.8/62.1 (mm) / Φ0.41 x 2.04/2.44 (in)
    • Resistance: 1.4Ω
    • CCELL ceramic heating element
    • Snap-fit/screw-on mouthpiece
    • Low-lead brass center post
    • Borosilicate glass body
    • Available for customization

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