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Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Everything that I had heard about nn-DMT was, well, weird. Jesters, robot dwarves, mechanical elves, hyperspace tunnels and interdimensional portals. As the designer of therapeutic microdose products, it held little allure to me due to its strange nature and high dosage requirement of 30 mg for a breakthrough experience, which would make microdosing less cost effective. Eventually, being in the psychedelic sphere a reliable source of nn-DMT made its way into my possession and I decided to give it a try. The cartridge that I had was 3:2 strength and I with my sitter at my side I was ready. Being a generally fairly cautious psychonaut, I decided to done my energetic armour, which after a moment of meditation took on an interesting organic form around me. I then placed my mask on and took a seven second inhale.

The bed began to melt beneath me and I heard a high-pitched buzzing noise as I lay back down. A red and black room appeared before me. It loomed overhead like a large striped circus tent. At the apex of the tent hung a creature of sorts leering down at me with a Cheshire cat like smile. I looked around not knowing where to go and I had a strong feeling that I was waiting for something to happen or waiting to go somewhere. The stripes of circus tent morphed and swayed, but nothing more revealed itself. I decided to remove my mask and open my eyes. The room was the same but changed. A red hue of light washed over everything in the candle lit room. I looked down as I lay on the bed and built atop the contours of my body was a space-like Egyptian templescape complete with pyramids, pillars and a causeway. The outlines of the structures seemed to glow with a fine neon light. My sitter’s face shared the striped pattern of the circus tent in lighter shades of red and pink. I closed my eyes again and the tent reappeared though changed slightly. I opened and closed by eyes flipping back and forth between the Egyptian acropolis and the circus tent. As if my own eyelids became portals between words. Then the entity atop the tent spoke to me and asked me to stop as he had to rebuild the tent room every time I left and that it was a lot of work. So, I stayed with my eyes closed. The tent changed again and a corridor appeared winding around a corner to the left. The stripes of the tent changed to green and white. A vagina shaped portal appeared on the tent wall in front of me. She motioned for me to step into her. I touched my third eye reactivating my energetic armour. She did not like that and teeth appeared around her lips. I declined her invitation. I opened my eyes and the journey faded away. The entire journey lasted about 7 minutes.

I left nn-DMT alone for a time after that initial short journey. I had not received any pertinent messages or visions nor had I left the journey feeling particularly at peace or having received any therapeutic benefits. If anything, I felt a bit perturbed.

My next experience came when a friend who is quite an experienced psychonaut offered to guide for my partner and I in an nn-DMT journey. They brought a cartridge of nn-DMT that was a 9:1 ratio, far greater than the one I had previously tried. I also ordered large amount of Syrian Rue and MAOI (mono-amine oxidase inhibitor), which serves to slow the metabolization of nn-DMT and extend the journey. We each took 200mg of Syrian Rue, chewing on the bitter seed that has a bit of a coffee flavour. We swallowed the seeds after 30 minutes for the Rue to take full effect. It did have a slightly relaxing quality to it. We played some upbeat lo-fi music and lit the room with electronic candles. My friend instructed me to take 3 inhales of 10 seconds. I did as I was instructed. With my eye mask on I inhaled the first 10 seconds. The bed began to melt beneath me. I inhaled a second time and the room reappeared to me again, red and black, but this time the entities were many and dancing about. They appeared to be somewhat 2-dimensional and were happy to see me. They welcomed me into their world with a friendly greeting. Then I heard my friend’s voice saying one more time. I inhaled a third time and a hyperspace portal sucked me up and inwards at warp speed. The dancing tent entities waved good bye to me as I found myself now floating in a swirling mist of living clouds.

The clouds opened and revealed to me a group of people. They were beautiful. Humanoid in form. Tall and physically impressive with powerful physiques. They wore no clothing and their skin was multi-coloured. Some were shades of blues and greens, others reds and oranges. They had no genitalia and no nipples. Across their skin reptilian stripes added another dimension of beauty to their skin. Their eyes and hair were made of bright white light and glowed with pure energy. A male and female came towards me and lay down on either side of me. I was unsure of what they wanted. Then the sexual nature of their advance became clear. They embraced me from either side and then I watched as lines of white energy shot through my body from one to the other. The pleasure I felt was so intense that my back arched in an orgasmic state. This energy exchange between the three of us continued until I had energetically climaxed twice. I giggled and spoke to my guides “You have no idea, what is happening right now.” Though my partner’s giggle in response, belayed the fact that they did. The clouds turned pink and the entities turned into a group of my little ponies dressed as naughty nurses and doctors. They frolicked amongst themselves and then one female entity came down and sat on my face. I began to laugh hysterically and the absurdity of the experience.

The ponies dissipated and a large singular alien appeared above me. He had a large head, much like the exoskeletons of the aliens in the film Independence Day. He spoke to me and said that he was a surgeon and that he needed a stronger connection to perform surgery on my knee. I asked him how he knew that my knee was injured, to which he dismissed me, implying that they knew all. I told my friend what he had said and asked if it was safe to take more. They replied that it was and so I did. The surgeon immediately nodded, acknowledging the strengthened connection and began operating on my injured knee. His hands had long fingers and each of those fingers split into several of their own fingers so that his fingers became fine surgical tools with which he performed a sort of energetic surgery around my knee. I could feel pain relief and a cooling sensation around my knee. The energy seemed to flow up and down my leg.

After the surgery I was placed in a tesseract, a 4-dimensional cube, folding in upon itself. It was gold on a black background and shimmered with light. Light language flowed all around me vertically. The characters were somewhat Asiatic, but not in a language I’d ever seen before. I was able to read the messaging and they told me that I should stretch more and do more yoga. The messages also told me to play less baseball. I looked removed my eye mask and looked up to the ceiling. The light fixture on the ceiling became a source of energy. Rings of light showered down from above and I aligned myself with them. When the alignment was right a soothing flow of energy passed through the entirety of my body.

Looking back on this experience I am again taught a lesson by the medicine. Though it is difficult to quantify in this anecdotal report, the therapeutic benefits of nn-DMT are, to me, undeniable. Firstly, I felt a great sense of welcome and joy in being in the presence of the entities. I felt fully accepted in my entirety, and who and how I am was fully respected and loved by the entities. Secondly, the pleasure and energy that was granted to me by the journey was very uplifting. Furthermore, the pain relief of the experience with the surgeon was real and lasting. After the journey my injured knee was visibly less swollen and inflamed than it had been prior to the 25-minute journey. The messaging of self-care and slowing down was clear and easy to follow and on top of all that, it was fun. Whether or not, the journey is a projection of one’s subconscious to the conscious mind or a portal to another dimension, the nn-DMT experience is a powerful altered state of consciousness that has undeniably therapeutic benefits.

And that was my initial experience with nn-DMT, the Spirit Molecule.

That's Life, the Universe and Everything... according to me, D.

Thanks for the fish.

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