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Sat, Jun 08



Communion Ceremony: Exploring Inner Realms in EES(6)

Embark on a transformative odyssey into the depths of consciousness with our meticulously curated workshop. This immersive 4-hour experience weis dedicated to delving into the profound realm of NN-DMT, guided by experts who navigate the delicate balance between science and mysticism.

Communion Ceremony: Exploring Inner Realms in EES(6)
Communion Ceremony: Exploring Inner Realms in EES(6)

Time & Location

Jun 08, 2024, 6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Calgary, Calgary, AB, Canada


About the event

Communion Ceremony: Exploring Inner Realms

A Guided 4-Hour Workshop on NN-DMT Journeys and Sacred Encounters

Embark on a transformative odyssey into the depths of consciousness with our meticulously curated workshop, "Exploring Inner Realms." This immersive 3-hour experience is dedicated to delving into the profound realm of NN-DMT, guided by experts who navigate the delicate balance between science and mysticism.

Workshop Highlights:

1. Guided NN-DMT Journeys: Embark on guided expeditions into the intricate labyrinths of your mind, as the delicate veils between perception and the ethereal dissolve. Our seasoned facilitators will provide a safe and supportive environment for participants to explore the uncharted landscapes of their consciousness.

2. Health Benefits of NN-DMT: Immerse yourself in the fascinating intersection of neuroscience and well-being. Discover the burgeoning scientific research indicating the potential therapeutic benefits of NN-DMT. Uncover how these experiences have been linked to enhanced mental clarity, stress reduction, and even emotional healing.

3. Sacred Communion with Celestial Beings: Traverse the boundaries of reality and engage in profound communion with celestial entities. Participants often report encounters that transcend the material realm, offering insights, guidance, and a profound sense of interconnectedness. Delve into these extraordinary encounters and ponder their significance in the tapestry of human existence.

4. Small Group Setting: Experience this voyage in the intimate embrace of a small, like-minded group. Forge connections, share insights, and support one another in understanding the nuances of your individual experiences. The power of collective introspection amplifies the journey's impact, fostering a sense of unity and shared growth.

5. Expert Facilitators: Our skilled facilitators bring a fusion of scientific expertise and spiritual reverence to the workshop. They will provide comprehensive guidance, ensuring your journey remains secure, insightful, and transformative.

6. Integration and Reflection: After the journey, indulge in the art of introspection and integration. Engage in thoughtful discussions, artistic expressions, and meditation, allowing the insights gained to permeate your everyday life, promoting holistic personal development.

Join Us: Embark on an expedition that transcends the ordinary and elevates the boundaries of your consciousness. "Exploring Inner Realms" is an invitation to embark on a journey of self-discovery, guided by science, enriched by spirituality, and shared with a community of seekers. Unveil the mysteries within and without, and return with insights that resonate through the tapestry of your existence.

Here are some of the energetic principles of this event:


*Please abstain from drinking or substance use minimum of a week before the ceremony. Please maintain a clean and healthy diet a week leading up to the ceremony. The medicine loves to show up for you when you show up for the medicine. All doses are tailored for everyone's best experience and safety. At the end of the event, you're still safe to drive and go about the rest of your evening as per normal. We highly recommend to keep the rest of your evening light and the next day free so you have time to decompress and for you to have more space to connect and reflect on your powerful experiences.


LOCATION: Secret location will be announced 3 days prior to event (Event will be located in Vancouver).

WHAT TO BRING: Comfortable clothing. A yoga mat, blanket and pillow.

Please note that all purchases are FINAL. There are NO refunds. Based on case-by-case, ticket can be transferrable with a rescheduling fee of $50 to a later date of a similar event with at least 2 days notice prior to the start of event.

Event is based on a dharma sliding scale from $360-$580. Please pay what feels accessible to you within this range and if you can afford more, pay it forward to those who are not able to at the moment.

The Energy Enhancement System (EESystem) developed by Dr. Sandra Rose   Michael over 20 years generates bioactive energy fields, including   scalar waves, renowned for their potential to foster cell regeneration,   boost immune function, alleviate pain, detoxify, elevate mood, and   enhance energy levels. Used worldwide by individuals, healthcare   professionals, and wellness centers, this technology combines advanced   computer-generated morphogenic fields to facilitate healing. Recognized   at global medical and scientific forums, EESystem merges body, mind,   spirit, and science to promote wellness, consciousness, and   self-actualization. Scalar waves, existing beyond conventional time and   space constraints, interact with the body's DNA matrix, while  biophotons  enhance healing potential. Exciting the body's  electromagnetic field,  scalar waves prompt a return to optimal health,  leveraging the body's  inherent crystalline structures for cellular  rejuvenation and  maintenance of vital energy levels. A  whole-body salt  bath is the most important thing you can do to maximize  the benefits  of your session.  Use 1 pound of sea salt in a warm bath  for 20-30  minutes.  It is ideal to do this bath right after your session  (within  the 24 hours of session).  If you do not have a tub, a foot  bath is  recommended to achieve similar results.

This event takes place in an EES Center 20 mins SE of Calgary. The  Center is also offering a 2-hr complimentary pass with the purchase of  and Lucinor event ticket

Doors open at 5:45pm.

Event will start punctually at 6:00 pm and doors will be closed and locked during invididual journeys

Here are some of the energetic principles of this event:








Please abstain from substance use from now to before the event.  The medicine loves to show up for you when you show up for the medicine. All medicine is optional and doses are low relational effective doses. Even without  partaking in medicine, the space will be blessed with the loving and nourishing intelligence of the earth medicine.

WHAT TO BRING: Pillow/ cushion, blanket if you like to be cozy, water bottle, comfortable clothing, and open minds and hearts.


Lucinor offers a special discount of 25% off on all Lucinor products for all attendees if you wish to purchase your very own microdose to take  home at the end of the event. Microdose products can be found here


Joney and David are two remarkable individuals who have dedicated their lives to helping others on their healing journeys. Joney's compassionate nature and deep understanding of the human psyche allow her to create a safe and nurturing space for individuals to explore their innermost selves. Her skills as a integrative therapist, combined with her knowledge of hypnotherapy, breathwork, somatic work and plant medicine, make her a powerful force for transformation and growth.

David is an experienced psychonaut, who has used somatic energetic to heal himself, and whose passion for helping others is palpable. His wisdom and knowledge of the healing arts, coupled with his gentle and intuitive nature, make him a gifted guide for those seeking deeper connection with themselves and the world around them. David's ability to hold space and facilitate transformational experiences is truly remarkable.

Together, Joney and David are a dynamic duo who bring an unparalleled level of care, expertise, and heart to their work. Their passion for building a caring and harm reduction focused community and their commitment to helping others heal and grow is evident in everything they do, and their presence alone is a source of inspiration for those around them. Whether you're new to breathwork and plant medicine, or you're a seasoned psychonaut looking to deepen your practice in gentle ways combined with other modalities, Joney and David are the perfect guides to help you on your journey of self-discovery and transformation.


  • Events Tickets

    The exchange is by dharma sliding scale. Please pay what feels accessible to you in this range and if you can afford more, pay if forward to those who are not able to the current moment.

    From $360.00 to $660.00
    • $580.00
      Tax: gst included+$14.50 service fee
    • $520.00
      Tax: gst included+$13.00 service fee
    • $460.00
      Tax: gst included+$11.50 service fee



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