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Thu, May 16


West Vancouver

BOUNDLESS: Psychedelic Sensory Exploration & Intimacy Workshop (1)

Embark on a Journey of Sensory Discovery & Intimate Connection enhanced by the Magic of relational effective dosing of MDMA & DMT

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BOUNDLESS: Psychedelic Sensory Exploration & Intimacy Workshop (1)
BOUNDLESS: Psychedelic Sensory Exploration & Intimacy Workshop (1)

Time & Location

May 16, 2024, 7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

West Vancouver, British Properties, West Vancouver, BC V7S 2A8, Canada


About the event

Boundless: Psychedelic Sensory Exploration & Intimacy Workshop

Join us at The Lucid Mansion for an evening of Boundless exploration, where the focus is on deepening intimacy and self-discovery through sensory play and somatic experiencing. This transformative event is designed to engage all five senses, inviting you to a world of heightened awareness and profound connection. 

As you traverse the landscape of your inner self, the optional relational doses of MDMA and DMT serve as your guides, enhancing every touch, sound, sight, and breath. This is not just an event; it's a passage to the core of your being, where every sensation is amplified and every emotion is intensified. Join us for an evening where the boundaries of consciousness are expanded, and the essence of intimacy is redefined. Connect with like-minded souls in a safe and nurturing space, and leave with a newfound appreciation for the intricate tapestry of your senses. Secure your spot at "Boundless" and experience the magic of MDMA & DMT in a celebration of life, love, and the uncharted territories of the human experience.

Event Highlights:

  • Somatic Experiencing: Engage your body's wisdom through movement and breath.
  • Sensory Play: Delight in activities designed to tantalize all five senses.
  • Intimacy Building: Connect with self and others in a space of trust and openness.
  • Optional Psychedelic Enhancement: Choose to elevate your experience with relational effective doses of MDMA, 5MEODMT, and Lucinor's latest product, Presence (5MEODMT/nnDMT Blend). (All enhancements are optional.) 
  • Hot Pool: To relax in at the end of event. Clothing optional.

What to Expect:

  • Warm Welcome: Settle in and meet fellow explorers.
  • Connect with Magic: Choose your energy card
  • Guided Meditation: Center your mind and spirit.
  • Sensory Journey: Embark on a guided exploration of your senses.
  • Intimate Connection: Experience the power of shared presence.
  • Reflective Closure: Share and integrate your experiences.
  • Soothe & Relax: Have a dip in a hot pool to soothe your body and soul. 

At the "Boundless" workshop, participants will embark on a transformative journey that weaves together the art of sensory and somatic play with the profound effects of psychedelics.

Immerse Yourself in Sensory and Somatic Play

At "Boundless," you will be guided through a series of immersive activities designed to awaken each of your senses and connect you to the deep wisdom of your body. Our carefully crafted sensory and somatic play exercises will help you explore and enhance your connection to self and others, creating a tapestry of experiences that redefine connection & intimacy.

Touch: Feel the world around you with new depth as you engage in tactile experiences that range from the grounding touch of a partner's hand to the intricate textures of various materials. Each touch is an opportunity to build trust and deepen your connection to the present moment.

Smell: Breathe in the essence of aromatic scents that transport you to a space of comfort and familiarity. The power of fragrance will be used to anchor you in the experience, evoking memories and emotions that bridge the gap between the physical and the ethereal.

Taste: Indulge in the act of mindful eating, where each flavor becomes a symphony on your palate. This sensory delight will not only enhance your sense of taste but also serve as a metaphor for savoring every moment of life.

Sight: Gaze into the visual wonders that surround you, from the vibrant colors of our setting to the soulful eyes of your fellow participants. Through visual meditation and mirror exercises, you will explore the boundaries of sight and perception.

Hearing: Let the layers of sound envelop you, from the ambient tones of our space to the harmonious vibrations of music. Sound immersion will serve as a gateway to inner stillness and a deeper understanding of the self.

Energetic Feel: Sense the subtle energies that flow within and around you. Through energy field exploration and intentional movement, you will learn to navigate and communicate within the realm of the unseen, fostering a profound sense of energetic intimacy.

As you journey through these sensory and somatic experiences, the optional relational doses of MDMA, 5MEODMT, and Lucinor's latest product, Presence, will serve as catalysts, heightening your sensory awareness and emotional connectivity. This unique combination of sensory play and psychedelics promises an evening of boundless exploration, where you are free to discover, feel, and connect like never before.

End your transformative experience with a soothing dip in a hot pool, allowing the warmth to embrace you as you reflect on the connections and insights gained. "Boundless" is not just an event; it's a passage to a more connected and intimate existence.

Facilitated by: Joney Poon and David Chin. This educational workshop is facilitated by the dynamic duo Joney Poon, B.Sc, MA Psychedlic Assisted Psychotherapy, MA Music Therapy, Registered Clinical Counsellor and David Chin BA, BEd & "Mad" Citizen Scientist. They will guide you through a carefully curated experience that promises to be as enlightening and playful, as it is enjoyable.

Joney Poon, born in Hong Kong, has dedicated more than the last decade of her life to the healing arts, focusing on harmonic healing and psychedelic-assisted therapy. From an early age, she began teaching music and exploring altered states of higher consciousness through art, music, and hypnotherapy. This journey led her to medical school, where she discovered her talent for combining music and healing. However, her personal struggles with anxiety and an eating disorder propelled her towards therapy, where she found solace and healing. Especially transformative was her experience with psychedelics, which helped her process and heal intergenerational trauma and depression. The psychedelic experience taught Joney that connection and community are at the center of healing, and that we are the medicine. She has since worked closely as a community volunteer with Lucinor to develop best practice protocols around the novel low relational dose products they have pioneered. Shibari is one of her passionate endeavours and a favoured art form.

David Chin, Vancouver born and raised, is a "Mad" Citizen Scientist, who found psychedelics on his personal journey of healing. Through a life time of competitive sport, David sustained multiple severe and lasting injuries that left him with depencies on pain killers and alcohol. Through the use of low dose psychedelics, combined with sustained physical rehab, David managed his pain, healed his body and overcame his dependency on painkillers and alcohol. David has since founded Lucinor, a psychedelic community focused on harm reduction, education, and community building. Lucinor has developed thirteen different low relational effective dose pychedelic protocols, including two novel products that are a first of thier kind. Lucinor is the first company to pioneer low dose 5MEODMT and nnDMT vape pens. David's background is in education and the arts and he also works as a professional actor, writer and painter. 

We're excited to see you soon! A few things we want to invite your attention to: first, for those who plan to partake in MDMA & DMT, please know your limit and best to arrange your own transportation to and from event. Please note that everyone's experiences can be different. We do recommend to not pack your evening after the event and to honour the energy you created for yourself. This further allows space to continue things you connected with during the sacred event you experienced.

Things to take note:

This can be a dyad event. If you choose to attend without a partner you have the choice to participate solo in sensual self-discovery or you can be paired with another participant in attendance.

Here are some of the energetic principles of this event:









For best experiences, please abstain from substance use a week prior to the event. On event day, best to eat light and a minimum of two hours prior. The medicine loves to show up for you when you show up for the medicine. All medicine is optional and doses are relational effective doses. Even without  partaking in medicine, the space will be blessed with the loving and nourishing intelligence of the medicine.

WHAT TO BRING: Dress comfortably and in layers, water bottle, towel, swimsuit, and open minds and hearts.


Lucinor offers a special discount of 25% off on all Lucinor products for all attendees if you wish to purchase your very own relational effective doses to take home at the end of the event. All products can be found here

Ticket Options:

Dharma Sliding Scale of $80 - $120

Embark on a path of discovery and connection. Experience the beauty of sensory exploration and the magic of psychedelics, and the power of community.


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